Quality Vehicle Signage Solution

AMS Sign Services have a range of different vehicle signage options including vinyl stickers, one-way vision and magnets. We are happy to work with supplied artwork or we can design the artwork for you – what ever suits you best.

For our sticker and one-way vision products we also include installation services and for our magnets product we will provide you with tips for application and removal.

If you have any questions about any of our car signage products or would like advice on which product will suit your vehicle and your needs the best, give us a call on 0423 301 514.

Car Signage Options

See some of our different signage options and the applications that they are best suited for listed below. Check out our gallery for some examples of previous car signage projects that we have worked on.

Cut-out Vinyl Stickers

Vinyl stickers are the most common type of car signage; they use a self-adhesive glue to stick to your vehicle’s exterior. They are considered to be a permanent car signage solution however if required they can be removed without peeling the paint off – simply buff the vehicle after peeling off the signage to remove any remnants of the glue.

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One-Way Vision

One-way vision vehicle signage is made using a laminated perforated vinyl sticker. The perforated holes in the material allows you to place advertising messages on your vehicle’s windows and windscreens while still being able to see out of them clearly.

Due to the nature of one-way vision signage, there are some legal requirements as to the quality of the material that is used (just like there are legal requirements on window tinting) – we have more information about one-way vision signage on vehicles available here.

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Magnets are a great short-term signage solution for vehicles such as a hire car or a family car that is occasionally used during events or client meetings. They work just like a normal fridge magnet, only for your car – the application is very quick and easy and you simply peel them off when you are done.

We do recommend that you only use magnets as a short-term solution and that you remove them and wash them after every use – prolonged use could lead to them heating up and melding with the paint on your vehicle making them very difficult to remove without damaging the paint job of your car. If you do require a more permanent signage solution for your vehicle then we recommend the vinyl stickers, listed above.

For the best result we also recommend that you wash both the magnet and the vehicle prior to every use – this will ensure that there is less dirt between the magnet and the car, enabling it to stick better.

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Not sure what promotional signage will suit your needs the best?

Give us a call to discuss, we are always happy to offer our advice regarding which products are best suited to certain applications. Get in touch